Our Activities

There is no opportunity to be bored in our family pension.

We will be happy to take you through the pastures and show you how we take care of our animals.

Together, we can clean and feed the horses, take them for a hand guided walk, or we can give you a ride. We offer experienced riders the opportunity to ride a horse with an escort. We will also be happy to give children an experience of the ride.
There is also a sandbox, a slide, swings, a mini pond, a stream and a trampoline.
You can also feed our sheep, hens or geese. You have the opportunity to see how we trim the horses hooves, shear the sheeps wool and care of their hooves and collect eggs from our hens. In short, there are plenty of animals here, and there is plenty of useful things to do for each of them.
In indoor spaces, children can have fun by felting from wool, cutting and modeling from dough, or simply cooking and baking on a tiled stove.
We offer adults and older children the opportunity to learn or exchange experiences in baking sourdough bread, making homemade cheese, soap, etc., we can work out together (in cold weather in a barn, in warm weather outside), share experiences and much more.
Come and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience real
life in the country.
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