Price List
1 night, 1 adult
820 CZK
2 nights or more
620 CZK
Wheelchair Accessible Apartment with Kitchenette
1 night, 1 adult
920 CZK
2 nights or more
720 CZK
Horseback riding without a saddle
Short rides for children
100 CZK
A ride in the countryside for the experienced
400 CZK
Options for Renting
Rental of the whole object
Rental of all rooms (15 beds, 5 extra beds in total)
dle domluvy CZK
dle domluvy CZK
Barn rental (depending on number of persons)
CZK / day
CZK / hour
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Come and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience real
life in the country.
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